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Weekly diaries: Week 5

Week 5 Mon 2.12. Psychology of Change             Big Group + My own part of the session             Recovery Goals Group                              Group A   Tue 3.12 Process Group                          Group B AA meeting   Wed 4.12.        ‘ Psychology of Change             Big Group + My own part of the session             Recovery LS                                                Big Group   […]

Weekly diaries: Week 4

Week 4 Mon 25.11. Psychology of Change             Big Group                                  Stress/Stress Management Goals group                              Group A Tue 26.11. Relapse Prevention                 Group A                                     Behavioral activation/Urges Process Group Wed 27.11. Psychology of Change             Big Group                                  Stress management skills FLS                                              All Refresher told his story Thu 28.11. Relapse Prevention                 Group B                                      Behavioral activation/Urges FLS Supervisor […]

Weekly diaries: Week 3

Week 3 Mon 18.11. Psychology of Change             Big Group                                  Emotional Intelligence Goals group                              Group B Tue 19.11. New client’s intake Process Group                          Group B Fri 22.11. Open Group                              Big Group                                  Addiction models Process Group                          Group A Sat 23.11. Excursion:                                  All                          […]

Weekly diaries: Week 2

Week 2 Mon 11.11. Psychology of Change             Big Group                                  Emotional Intelligence Goals Group                              Big Group Loy Krathong                            All Tue 12.11. Creative Group                         Group A Process Group                          Group A Fri 15.11. Open Group                              Big group + my own part of the session     The Grief Process Group                          Group B Supervisor Discussion             Hanan Sat […]

Weekly diaries: Week 1

Week 1 Mon 4.11. Psychology of Change             Big Group                                  Depression Goals Group                              Big Group Tue 5.11. Creative Group                         Group B Process Group                          Group A Wed 6.11. Psychology of Change             Big Group                                  Behavior Activation Lifestory                                     Big Group Thu 7.11. Relapse Prevention                 Group A                                     Cycle of Change Lifestory                                     Big Group Future Lifestory                        Big Group […]

Groups and activities – Participation in groups is part of the program.

Life story = Every client writes her/his honest life story. It’s a part of rehabilitation and therapeutical process. The client reads the life story in front of others and it happens in the beginning of treatment. Future life story = When client’s rehab is coming near to its end, she/he writes the future life story. […]

Who all work in Lanna?

There is a very large amount of highly qualified professionals working at Lanna. Each of them has their own role in the overall rehabilitation of the client. In Lanna, the client has his or her own and individualized rehabilitation plan, which takes place at the betweens of communal program. Therapists are responsible for the client’s […]

Lanna Rehab

I’m doing my internship at a place called Lanna Rehab. My intention is to complete my last internship here, which is 16 ECTS (424 h). Lanna is a luxury addiction treatment clinic that deals with alcohol, drug and mental health issues. The overall picture takes into account both mental health problems and addiction – which […]

Moving to own Apartment

We moved with Ronja to our own apartment, which is located in my cousin’s neighboring house. This will make everyday life easier for me during my practice as Ronja spends her days with my cousin – and yet we all get our own space and peace. My internship would also have arranged housing for my […]

So far SO good!

Time has flied here in Thailand. I really have to manage with time that I have in use, so that’s why there isn’t more new texts in my blog… But I’ve been working on them, so here it goes again and I’m going to continue just where I left this on November. Overall; we both […]