Nita Niemelä

The first days in Thailand

Earlier, I maybe mentioned how it almost went a bit late in visa processing. We got our visa on Thursday October 17th, when our flight was departing on October 20th. However, we got our passport on time thanks to my little brother, who works in Helsinki and was able to retrieve them by proxy I…

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How did I find a place for my internship?

In the first year of my studies, I began to search out the existing cooperation agreements between Jamk and its partners abroad. However, these did not have a suitable option directly for me, so I started searching places that were suitable just for my interests. Because I was searching the place by myself, I would…

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Hi there!

  My name is Nita and I’m going to be a rehabilitation counseller in next spring, so this is my third and the last year of studies. I have been orientated in my earlier and these on-going studies for substance abuse and violence work. Since I started these studies, it was clear that I’m going…

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