The introduction days are over; but it is now that I want to introduce myself. For those of you who already know me, skip this post, for those of you who don’t know me that well, maybe this can help you discover who I am. Please keep in mind I kept this short so that we still have something left to talk about 🙂

“In brief!”
I am Alanna, a 20 year old, quiet but out-going young woman and even though it doesn’t seem like it; I am extremely shy. I used to do a lot of outdoor sports but haven’t done much these 2 past years so consider me out of shape. I am a literature freak, I read, write and “know” a lot, but sadly my cinematograhic culture sucks big time! Anyhow it is while cooking I feel the most at peace, and it’s in the kitchen I can gather my thoughts the best. But above all, if my friends and rocambolesque adventures are my fuel for life, music is the spark that takes it all off to a whole other level of awesomeness and makes me feel really lucky to be!

“Where are you from?”
Is probably the question that I hear the most, and dispise the most too, for that the answer is pretty long and complicated. Usually I would answer I am French, because that’s what my passport says, but I then feel like I’m leaving a huge part of me out. Basically I was born to a French father and a Dutch mother, on a French Island somewhere close to the Carribeans. After some travelling around, my parents have settled in France where I have lived 7 years of my life only… At the age of 18 I left home and flew to Finland where I spent the last 2 years enjoying every second of it! And if you believe in the say “home is where the heart is” then Scandinavia is the place for I have lost mine somewhere between Copenhagen and Jyväskylä, if it wasn’t Southern Sweden already….

“What am I doing in Haarlem ?”
I am a student in Music and Media Management from the JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Jyväskylä, Finland and I’m trying to figure out what I want to do with my life. I am spending my 3rd year of study as an exchange student in InHolland University of Applied Sciences in Haarlem in the Netherlands. I chose InHolland for that I was accepted as a full-time student here 2 years ago, but then flew to Finland instead, so I am curious to experience what being a student in InHolland feels like. I also wanted to come to the Netherlands to practice my Dutch and eventually broaden my network a bit..

“What else?”
I could tell you my favorite colors are deep purple and raspberry pink, that I’m a really bad bass player and suck at singing even worse, that I have unsuccessfully tried to be a vegetarian for 2 years, that my name was inspired by country/rock singer Alannah Myles and that I’m madly in love with my cat Reepicheep which is the one and only incarnation of the Devil… I could also say I don’t like bananas even though Alanna-Banana has been my nickname for quite a long time (but thanks Ninon; A-la-noix is so much better!), that I miss my 2 little brothers a lot every day, and that I don’t have a driving license because I’ve been lazy with it, I knit, and truly adore my new hobby of light engineering what I will write a full post about soon… Yeah I could talk about all that but now I’m really craving for a cup of coffee and a walk outside so I’ll drop the computer and wish you all a good weekend!

Rock on!

(Post about the introduction days should be posted sometime tonight!)

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Ninon Leyshon
Posted 8.9.2013 at 16.27

A la noix <3