Busy Week – Pt.2 – Punks in Finland look so much cuter!

Suite and end of this week.

Thursday school started at 11, with a presentation about the Dutch education system and how
students are supposed to work at InHolland. Iris the international coordinator wanted to have an “interactive” talk and I found this hour pleasant. Then the ESN buddies officially introduced themselves before taking us to a tour of the school, two buddies were missing but Nino, Bart and Ziye did a great job!!!
After lunch the whole group gathered on the field in front of school and played another get-to-know game. We then went for a walk at the national park. That park and the ‘t Wed lake are such a MUST SEE for who comes to Haarlem. If feels like a whole other country and the sudden change from the cute streets of Bloemendaal to the Kennemerduinen’s savannah is funny to experience. I can’t believe we missed this place with my mom and brother, we were staying at a camping a bit further down that very same road.
Whatever, the beach was pretty and we played some more games there before heading back to school.

I got home, made myself some dinner and rested a bit. That night I was to meet Marcel, my contact person at the local concert venue Patronaat where I applied to be a volunteer light engineer. Patronaat is a huge, superb place, and I nearly cried out of joy when I saw the gear they have there and felt so excited about learning how to use all that stuff. I don’t want to talk any more about it yet. I should only mention this one band which was playing there and totally blew my mind: http://etexploreme.bandcamp.com/

After my meeting at Patronaat I joined the ESN Pub Crawl which had already started. I found my fellow students at their fourth pub, an awesome jazz bar where a band was totally rockin’ the place!!!
We visited 3 other bars after that, having a lot of fun in all of them, dancing, drinking and socializing a lot!!! It was great! BUT of course shit always happens to me, and at some point after ordering what would be my last drink in that last bar I turned around realizing every one had left. EVERY ONE! but Bart who told me the others had gone to some club. As I said I didn’t want to go there, Bart offered me a ride home which was very welcome and I thought: best buddy ever!

Friday morning was time for me to do some paperwork and chill. And it’s only from 13.00 that I joined the ESN Hangover Brunch at DUWO. I had to laugh at those tired faces; I was just fine, but of course I hadn’t drink that much the night before. After the brunch the whole group went for a city visit. I was in Nino’s group and even before we started our tour we got stopped by some Dutch students asking our help to do some kind of Freshmen task for their study association, we had to pretend we were rowing a boat, which reminded me of this really awful Schlager video Bella had sent me once, and I felt really odd: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQ32tf0iIzU

After this really unexpected yet entertaining little parenthesis we went on on our tour where Nino showed us some awesome places I definitely will have to visit again sometime! When we came back to Grote Markt we were divided into other groups for a picture game; the purpose being to picture things that were on a list, we had an hour to gather those. We had the picture presentations and results at the sports’ bar, the team I was in won, so that made it even greater! The whole of us were pretty tired after that though and people just split into small groups to other bars, or just home. I went home!

That evening I cooked some gourmet food and left to some punk gig at the Patronaats Café. I met some really nice people there also the whole evening was pretty cool and I felt at ease. The bands were… okay; very generic punk I’d say, nothing like I had seen the night before. Only the audience surprised me, weird people!!! And I caught myself thinking; punkers in Finland look so much cuter 😀

Now this was it as brief as I could make it. Also I won’t be writing this much in the future, there is just no need for it, and also I like to keep some experiences for myself, but I’ll be back at it soon. In fact there are some big things coming up for me now and those would be worth to share. So thanks for reading and ’til next time!

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