Long Time, No See !

Yesterday Gary was taken away and I had to realize how much of a good companion he had been to me for the last three months. Driving me from A to B rain or shine, at anytime of the day or night, we had together, braved crowded roads, stormy winds and drunken wanders home. Gary was a faithful bike and he is already cruelly missed. May the thief be unlucky forever and burn in hell for that my feelings are truly hurt; I however wish it treats Gary well. Gary forever in my heart!

Hello there!

It is the tragic event of my stolen bike yesterday that made me look back in time and realize how late I am with keeping this blog. Over two months have passed since my last post and my first course at InHolland has started and ended without me even mentioning it. I will not lose my time searching for excuses and will in complete honesty admit that I have been really lazy with writing. Friends and family have heard of me enough and I didn’t feel like sharing on the Internet too much. However it is time to briefly sum up the last two months of my life in the Netherlands and elsewhere and seriously keep this blog up to date again.

The first weeks here have all been about registration at the City Hall, opening a bank account and making my way through town. If administration all went smoothly you need a lot of patience to get through those, just saying. I also had to make my room a cozy nest for myself to feel more comfortable in my new home. Erasmus life went on after the introduction week but I tried to go local more and more and met some nice people outside of the international crowd. Still I made some great pals among the exchange students and tried to keep up with the Finns of my class too. Because the Global Media Perspectives course had only one contact class per week I had to entertain myself not to be too bored. First I managed to keep busy meeting up with friends, going to the lake when the weather allowed it, going to gigs around town, work on personal projects etc. but even when the schoolwork kicked in I slowly started to get bored anyway and a bit homesick too. So I took advantage of being in “Europe” again to travel around. I have been to Brussels and Paris in September for gigs and to Copenhagen, Paris and home in Normandy in October.

P1120950 Brussels1 Photo0673



Presenting my idea of the Future of Product Placement to the class.

A word about school and the Global Media Perspectives course:
First of all I should mention the main difference between JAMK and InHolland; the teaching methods are really different. When JAMK is all about guiding its students all along the learning experience and that teachers are willing to help students with their concerns, InHolland advocates autonomy and “Google it!” seems to be the most common answer to students’ questions. It is a good a thing I guess but believe me, the “figure it out yourself” is slightly overused here and not at all practical as an exchange, when you are supposed to adapt to a whole different school system in record time. I have sometimes felt alone or lost at school, when I needed a quite place to work for instance and that booking a classroom is only possible via a teacher or that I needed help with the school online services.

However when it comes to the Global Media Perspectives course I can only feel content! Not getting too much into details; this course has been quite of an experience. The teacher was sweet and inspiring and his experimental teaching methods quite fun. I learned a lot about the media industry which I usually disregard in favor of the music business. In fact I ended up working in the TV related group and so caught up with new media trends and technologies. My team was great, our working atmosphere rocked, and if you’re interested in what type of stuff we’ve been working this link (http://issuu.com/remotevolution/docs/remotevolution_vfinal3) leads to the awesome E-magazine we had to create as an assignment.

Ezine Launch

The awesome TV team at our E-magazine; RemotEvolution launch.

Hum, so this was two months summed up in REALLY short… I just should be more regular with writing! And so you know what’s up with me right now:
Despite Gary disappeared I’m doing well. Today I started a new course, the International Music Publishing course and *cries of joy* I’m back on studying copyrights. Yeah Global Media Perspectives was awesome but I did miss music related business… On Thursday I’m going to see Kadavar for the first time, it’s a band I really adore and the hippie in me is already bouncing in excitement. I’ll also be working at the local venue Patronaat this month. I have about 4 gigs booked which means some looong hours to play with the Pearl.

Alright, I’ll be back soon,
Peace out & pray for Gary!