Late again…

Late again! Once more I didn’t write anything in a while and it seems all my good resolutions for next time crumble as soon as I finish a post. And as my notebooks fill with stories and adventures and memories, this blog remains empty. However I have been good at summing up long periods into short posts so here we are again.

After Gary disappeared it didn’t take long for Elliot to take his place as valiant, ô beloved ride. Elliot is a sparkly champagne colored bike, slightly smaller than Gary and shows regular city bike features rather than granny bike ones… Elliot is a bit fragile too but a real sweet-bike if you ask me!

School has been going just fine. The International Music Publishing course is interesting and the tasks are fun and have given me food for thought. I can finally say I am learning something useful for my future. Only there are a lot of copyright courses, and if I first was really excited about having those again I quickly realized they were a total bore. The teacher has kept on repeating things I already knew in a completely confusing and unstructured way. I too, had troubles seeing the interest in the research courses we have had, oh well. The class is a lot nicer than the previous one and well, it’s the winter break already so I’m all happy.

Let’s see, what else has put me in this irritating cheerful mood ? Well, another karaoke night with friends, an afternoon in Utrecht, doing lights for Mindshade, an improvised trip to a fantasy festival in Alphen aan den Rijn, my aunt’s visit, the idea of getting a cat, that I finally got to see The Hobbit (not quite as good as the first one but still a good entertainment), my frequent trips to Ikea, my amazing mexican wraps the other day, the random invitation for tea from THE green sorceress of Haarlem ( a lovely lady who owns a game and book shop and for whom I want to bake muffins after New Years!) …


As I write I’m on my way to France again, to spend Christmas with my mom and brothers, and I keep my fingers and toes crossed for a white Normandy. A snowy Christmas… Oh how I wish a snowy Christmas, at least to balance my disappointment towards the Christmas culture in the Netherlands. It seems their hearts belong to Sinter Klaas and that grotesque Zwarte Piet, and my beloved Santa Claus is just another reason to feast. Alright, alright, I’ll agree that the Christmas market was okay-ish, but seriously people, it’s H*ly M*ther CHRISTMAS!!!

However, Haarlem has seen some pretty winter mornings in the past weeks and I have once more regretted I didn’t have my camera with me. The sun shining on the glittery frost running along the canals offered a dreamy vision. That added to my growing Christmas feeling was just magical. Still I miss Finland and I have hopelessly dreamt every morning, waking up to the silence of falling snow.
Will I be luckier in January? January is announced to be full of surprises and my new and hopefully efficient blog writing program will kick in then too. In the meantime, I promise a last post before the New Years.