Happy New Year!

Spring has got to be on its way! Days have gotten sunnier and I feel… happier!

Looking back at the New year’s resolutions and promises,  I can only agree they’ve been a big fail. I’ll probably fill in the exchange report after my time in the Netherlands as this blog simply does not serve the purpose at all…

I was on a good track though. I had listed a couple of things I wanted to mention here and had planned to write a new entry on my way back from France. Unfortunately that didn’t happen. I was victimized by a terrible stomach flu the whole trip long, so no way I could write anything! Yeah, I puked like 7 times between home (France) and home (Holland); in the train, in the train station, in the bus… gross and embarrassing really, especially that the bags my mom had sent me on the road with had holes in them ….. 😀

Well, Christmas was great, I had a blast! Even though it wasn’t a white Christmas at all sadly, but grey and dark; electricity crashed a couple of times and I had to start cooking at the light of the candles.
New Year was even greater, having my Danish friend around was pure joy … and all that booze!

Shortly after they left, I finally adopted my long awaited kitten. Lilith is a silly, spirited 6 months kitten and since the 5th of January, my traveling companion and partner in crime 😉
(More pictures of Lilith in another post)

hehe IMG_20131228_181444 IMG_20140221_210033

My weeks have been quite busy after that with the deadlines and exams, and if after all the International Music Course was way different than what I thought, I can still say I learned something out of it, and I am satisfied with my grades.

Also after the exam week, the one semester exchange students left and with them my dear friends Jooyeon and Miriam. Had a little “down moment” after they left but Miriam promised to visit so I had something to look forward too. Now the newbies have arrived, they all seem great even though I haven’t had that much contact with them. I should probably get out of my cave sometime and go meet them.

The new course we’ve started here is called Events Production, and all I can say is that it started off quite intense! The main task is to organize a sustainable festival (on paper!) for about 50.000 attendants, and thanks to CE and festival experience most things seem quite obvious to me. Now the workload is absolutely huge, but my team is just amazing and everything goes on smooth and perfect! And thanks to that being all under control I can focus on searching for an internship, well searching has becoming waiting for replies now… and I’m feeling pretty much like this now 😀


Haha, well thanks for reading and Goodbye for now,
Greetings from Haarlem X