Korv, potatis och mjölk med isbitar

It’s been for a while since I’ve been writing here something. Week ago I finished with my practical training. I had such a good times in Wetter Hälsan and I learned a lot more about what occupational therapy is and what it can be. I was a little bit stressed about long days at work and the paper work or reading at home after it, because then I didn’t have enough time to myself and I get even more tired.

2 weeks ago I started the swedish course and it’s been nice. We have three different groups that we can join whenever it’s best time for us to go to the lectures. I have already been in all of our swedish teachers lectures. For me it’s easy to understand what the teachers are talking about, but the first time when one of them gave us a grammar paper to be filled, I was totally in lost. I was like, whaaattt do I have to do and what to put to these lines.. it’s 10 years ago when I have been studing swedish properly.

My boyfriend came to visit me week ago and he left today. He got to experience a piece of our studies here and the first weekend when he came we went to bake Karelian pies with other Finnish students for the international day. He was expert in that and we were the only ones who had made them before as well so we were teaching the others how to make it. Last monday when we had that international day, they had a competition about which country has shown their country in a best or maybe in a tastiest way. Ta daa, we won it! Most of the people loved our Karelian pies and they were suprised about the good taste of egg-butter. And ofcourse FAZER was the best one too! 🙂


Last tuesday I went to the swedish lesson with my boyfriend. Our teacher asked us to be in pairs and to make a dialog with each others about the conversation between the waitor (“kyparen”, me) and the customer (“han”, my boyfriend). We did it together with my boyfriend and we were playing it to the others in that classroom.

In the beginning he sat next to the table and he took his wallet from his pocket and he was looking inside it and he was sighing “oohh nej” (thinking, there is not enoug money to order anything special) …..  After that the short conversation went like this;

Han: Hej, kan jag har en korv med potatis?
Kyparen: Ja, vi har en stort tallrik med salad, passar det bra för dig?
Han: Ja, det passar bra.
Kyparen: Vill du ha något att dricka?
Han: Jag vill ha en stort glass mjölk med isbitar.
Kyparen: Här, varsågod.
Han: Tack så mycket.
Kyparen: Smakade det gott?
Han: Det var jättegot, tack! Jag kan betala ny.
Kyparen: Okej, det passar. Men nånting annat?
Han: Nej, tack.
Kyparen: Okej, här varsågod.
Han: Tack och hejdå!
Kyparen: Tack tack. Vises och välkommen tillbaka!

Our teacher says something about how to pronounce the words for everyone else, but for us she was lauhging and she was only wondering about the ice cubes in a glass of milk. We got a fun memorys from that discussion and how casually he joined to our lesson that day..

I’ve seen more about Jönköping this week than before. We’ve been biking around together almost everyday from 10-20km each day to see the places. Poor bike, it’s not in that good condition anymore. 😀 This week I also realized how fast the time has flied. It’s only 5.5 weeks more to go and then it’s time to go back to home. Christmas is soon!!! 🙂