The first few weeks in the UK

I’ve been here for nearly a month now and slowly I’m starting to settle in. Some things – like the left sided traffic, or british vocabulary – took some time to get used to, but it all starts to make sense now. At least a little more than a month ago. I think the biggest thing to overcome is the constant coldness. Yeah, when I left Finland we had -30 celcius outside, but inside it was nice and warm. Here the temperature is above zero, but when it’s cold outside.. It’s nearly as cold when you go inside. At least in the house where I live in. I see why the Britts drink so much tea: it’s to keep them warm!

Photo 22.1.2016 8.30.53

I’m studying two modules here: one about working with children and families and the other about mental health and distress. The first one is basically child care, which I’ve studied in JAMK before for nearly a year now. I did my last practical training in child protective services and finished working there just before my exchange, so the topics we’ve been going through in those classes have been quite familiar to me. I also had one course about mental health in JAMK before coming here, but I think it’s nice to get better knowledge about mental health, its medication and so on, considering the clients I might work with after I graduate. So, yeah, I think the modules I picked are going to be quite good for me!

I have lectures on Tuesdays and Thursdays and usually after the lecture we have a seminar about the things covered in the lectures. I find it quite similar to the dialogue training classes we’ve had in JAMK. It’s an effective way to learn, especially with the lecture beforehand and the seminar afterwards. Good thing about having fridays and mondays off is also the fact that it gives me better opportunities to travel around the island while I’m here! I’ve already spent one day in Liverpool, a weekend in Edinburgh and last week I went to see some bands in Manchester. The view on top of Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh and watching the crowd get crazy during Basement‘s set have definitely been my favorite moments of my adventures here so far!

On top of Arthur's Seat with my travel buddies Will, Matt and Jeromy.
On top of Arthur’s Seat with my travel buddies Will, Matt and Jeromy.


Photo 10.2.2016 22.11.47
Basement at the Manchester Academy, 10.2.2016.


But yeah, I don’t know.. Other than the trips I get to take and bands I get to see, living in the UK isn’t that different from living in Finland. Mostly I spend my freetime by my computer in my room, or in a pub with friends. I guess that’s what I would do if I was in Finland. The room, the people and the pubs are just different.