Visitors from home

Hey there,

Last week I went to Old Trafford to see Manchester United play against FC Midtjylland. I grew up in a town that’s obsessed about football and I used to play it myself too when I was a kid, so seeing a professional game was something I knew I had to do while I’m here. The thing that struck me was the size of the arena: we had to walk up many flights of stairs to get to our section and when we finally got there and the view to the field opened up in front of me, all I could say was “Wow.” The place was HUGE.

Man U won the game with a final score of 5-1, so the game itself was quite entertaining as well. Especially the second half, where most of the action happened. Even though I prefer watching hockey over football, I really enjoyed the game. Worth every pound. If you’re ever in the UK, go watch a game! Even if you’re not that into the sport. I’m quite sure you’re gonna have a good time. We sure did.



Even though the game was great, the highlight of my week was when my mom and sister arrived to the airport a couple of days later. They came to visit me for some days and during their stay we went to see what the cities close to Preston had to offer.

On Sunday we went to Blackpool and bathed in the sun. The weather on that day was so nice that I could even consider it as the first official day of Spring! The seafront had lots of things to see. For example, I wasn’t expecting to see donkeys at the beach, but I did. Haha!

Blackpool. My iPhone made the picture look darker than it actually was. The weather was just perfect!
Enjoying the sun with mom. Picture by my sister Lina.


On Monday we went to Manchester and visited the museum there. Free of charge, like most of the museums here in the UK. I like museums and art gallerys in general and this museum was no exception. Learned a lot about ancient Egypt and mummys there. You could send wishes to Egyptian Gods in the mummy exhibition and I did: I asked them to help me get through my studies in time, haha!

We also went to see some vintage & second hand shops and I bought myself a jacket for 8 pounds. If you’re interested, most of the vintage shops can be found from the Northern part of the city, next to the Piccadilly Gardens. I really recommend checking them out. Happy hunting!

Walking in the streets of Manchester. Photo by mom.

Tuesday I had class from 9am til noon. I went to school and my folks went to see Preston (well, basically they just went to see the shopping malls in the city centre, heh). After my class ended we hopped on a train to Liverpool. We went to see the Titanic exhibition at the maritime museum and circled around the city. Liverpool is such a beautiful city that the place itself is a sight to see! And of course, if you like the Beatles, there’s lots of places to see that are related to them in one way or another. Even though we didn’t actually do anything or go anywhere – except the Titanic exhibition, of course – it took us a whole day before we got back to Preston.


Along came Wednesday morning and it was time to say goodbye. Of course it felt bad, but then again, we have all this technology nowadays to stay in touch. Actually, the first thing my mom did when they got back home was a FaceTime call to me. She said it was funny to think that when she woke up that morning she was here in England and now she was looking at me through her phone in her own kitchen back in Finland. Talk about living in the future, eh? Three more months and I get to see them again in person. That’s not even that long.




I just counted the weeks I have left before I’m supposed to head back home. Fourteen.

I’m looking forward to seeing what those weeks hold in them. There’s still many adventures to come.


This Sunday I’m gonna go see Modern Life Is War in London. They were a huge thing for me when I was growing up but I never had a chance to see them before, because I was living in Finland. The 16-year-old me would never forgive me if I didn’t go to see them now that I have the chance of doing so. So, this one goes out to him:

Can’t wait for Sunday.