Feelings from first classes

Hey all again. Since last post has happened many things. My classes started two weeks ago. So I have pre-calculus (math), U.S. history to 1865, Jazz to Rock (musician) and seminar/critical inquiry. It might sounds an easy schedule but I have found studying at UTEP way different than any other schools before. I mean the most difficult thing is language. Especially in history… I have no idea about U.S. History and now I have to study it in English! So these couple weeks of my studying have included in a lot of reading. Because I am an international student and athlete I must do every week at least 8 hours in study hall. Basically I have to read or do assignments or both. Also I got some tutoring hours (2 per week on Monday & Thursday evenings) for History class.

During my free time I have been on mountains, in outlet mall and the most of the time hanging with my new friends. Practices have gone better and better. Because of thin and dry air (altitude from the sea level is about 1300m) I have to drink water way more than in Finland.

There is my this week practice schedule:

  • Monday: medicine balls, javelin, lifting (3h45min)
  • Tuesday: hurdle mobility, banana hurdles, specific stretching, sprints, lifting (3h15min)
  • Wednesday: hurdle mobility, javelin circuit, plyometrics (shot throws & box jumps) (2h15min)
  • Thursday: medicine balls, javelin, lifting (3h30min)
  • Friday: warming-up, specific stretching (1h30min)
  • Saturday: jumps & leaps & bounds + sprints (1h30min)
  • Sunday: rest


I am frustrated because I can’t upload any pictures (some of them are in my facebook & instagram) … Hopefully this error will be fixed quickly.



  1. Hi there! Everything sounds great… except that history thing , but take it as language learning, those details of US history you may find useful only when you watch old John Wayne westerns..
    Take care.

    • Haha. I got two history tutoring hours per week and they are very useful! Have a good weekend 🙂

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