February 2015

Moi. February comes to end and only one week left before the spring break! The whole month has been pretty good. I turned my first history paper and I had the first official exam (math). The exam went good (97%) and hopefully the paper was enough good to get pass. Still the biggest issue is the history class but my tutoring hours are really helping me. Every time the whole hour goes so fast.  Jazz to Rock class is going well. So far I have got 95% including three quizzes and one observation report. Every week I spend 9-10 hours in Study Hall mostly with history book plus in my own room I’m using 4-8hours for studying per week. My English skills haven’t increased as much I hoped but understanding is way better than 2 months ago.

Practices are going well. I suffered little injury with my right groin in the beginning of the month, but it took only a week and it was 100% shape. Next week we are going to take some lifting and shot throw tests. Our team went to Indoor Conference Championships this week and Women’s team took the gold! Outdoor seasons is going to start in 20nd March. Hopefully my license will be ok before that… Still fighting with NCAA… Endless road I think -.- P.S. Today I ate Mexican food  for the first time 😛

I surrender about hoping add some photos… Doesn’t work, won’t work…




Posted 1.3.2015 at 19.03

Nice. What did you eat? Are you bulking ? Good luck dawg.

Rasmus Maukonen
Posted 2.3.2015 at 1.07

I ate something I don’t know what it was. But that wasn’t bulk :’D. Thanks mate. See you in board of flagfield.

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