Second post within short time because it is Spring Break! My last week before the break was pretty good. I got my grades from individual presentation (96/100) and history paper (A-, 138/150). I can’t remember when I have been as successful in school as in here. My midterm grades from every class were A! But the next week is only for relaxing and practicing. As a reward of hard work I went to mall and bought HALO master collection for xbox. Haha it is game time!

Last week we had testing also in track and gym. Shot throws, snatch, bench, squat and jumps. I was happy about my snatch and shot throws but all others wasn’t impressive. I don’t know was it because of start of spring break, but I threw on Friday best javelin session so far. Technically very good throws and the measures were practice records! I have had some problems with groins so coach sent me to see a massager called Frank. He had a dog who could play piano, it was so hilarious. Anyway Frank did a good job and groins are feeling much better today. On Tuesday is a big day for me… NCAA will send an email about my license. So after Tuesday I’ll know am I able to compete as miner this year. Thumbs up!

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  1. A dog playing piano? holy moly! Hope you had a nice spring break! keep it up bro.

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