The end of the semester

Hello everybody. It is time summarize this spring shortly and talk about last month before coming back to Finland.


Last week was finally time to close books for this semester. Only 11 hours classes per week, but it required more work than I could imagine. All the courses went pretty good. I haven’t got grades yet, but from History I will get A and Math C (because I totally misfired the last exam). Almost every week I used over 8 hours time outside of classes for doing homework and readings. There were days I was very tired because all school work and hard practices. But after all, I am very happy that semester is over and now I can just focus on practicing and last two competitions, regionals and nationals. I want to say special thanks to my mentor, Tamara, my history class’ tutor Alejandra, and of course all professors.


Last weekend was my first Conference USA Championship participation. I was ranked fourth and came third. Mark itself was pretty bad (68.86m). Overall experience was good and our team really fought hard! So far my season best is still only 72.74m, but now it is time to move that mark further. We are leaving to Austin, Texas next Tuesday, and I will compete against 48 other throwers on Saturday. It is different meet, because everyone has three throws and 12 best will qualify to Nationals. Earlier this week, we found the reason that messed my throw technically in C-USA meet. Now I am feeling more confident to go Austin and qualify to Nationals.


Lastly, I want to thank all SENIORS in our track team. They are people, friends, I will remember forever. They are all incredible persons. I will miss them so much.



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