Oh it is already June. How fast time has flown…? I really wanted to make one more post before nationals. I have been a little lost with my technique last 3-5 weeks as you could see from my last results. I thought I was ready to hit my sb/pb last weekend in Austin! But what I really did was my worst competition of the season. After last throw I didn’t see my position and was sure that I didn’t make to nationals. I was very disappointed, felt like the whole season I was practicing for nothing. But…


I got another chance! Coach Mika gave a hand and said “Onnittelut, hyvinhän se meni”. I was like did I really make it?! Oh yes I placed 9th out of 48 throwers with 67.89 mark . Now week after that I really think I am ready to throw my pb. I will compete on Wednesday at 5:00pm local time in flight 1/2.  The first flight includes 12 throwers which placed from 12th to 7th in regionals. We will throw first three rounds and then flight 2/2 will throw their own three rounds. A little different competition comparing to European system for example. And yes, 8 bests will throw last three rounds and fight for title of NCAA Champion.


I gave a couple interviews this week and said that I will placed in top-5 with 75 meter mark. I know it is a huge step forward after past weeks results but I will make it. This competition has been my target since I got a scholarship from UTEP. And finally a little statistics: top-5 guys have thrown over 77 meters this season and I am ranked 13th with mark of 72.74. But this is only one meet, anything can happen and will happen and I am ready for leave everything on the track!


P.S. I will be in Finland 17th June!

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