The beginning of the second semester

What’s going on everybody? It has been while since my last topic. Summer rushed through so fast and here I am, back in business in El Paso. Briefly about summer. Had a great time with my family and friends and again it was pretty hard to leave them behind and head to El Paso. I took one online class: Political Science. Pretty much new stuff for me, but finished with grade B. And lastly as everybody already knows, I hurt my ankle pretty bad. But had to say, this was one of the best summer I’ve spent.

This semester has started quite well in UTEP. I am taking History, Math, Graphic & Design Fundamentals, Chemistry (+ lab), and Philosophy classes. Chemistry has been the most difficult class so far because vocabulary is quite hard. I am trying to get A from every class I am taking, because we are not competing during the fall, so I have more time to focus homework and stuff at school.

Practices started on Thursday with testing shot throws, jumps and lifting. Because this ankle, I have only done rehab and bike last three weeks. We are working very hard with the trainers and hopefully I will be ready to start 100% training as soon as possible.


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