Fall 2015

This semester was successful what comes to my studies at school. I finished every class with the highest grade, which meant to be the end of my study hall hours. Big part of this strong semester belongs to my tutors and helpful classmates. Comparing the first two semesters here, the second one was way more easier and less stressful, however classes were more difficult than last spring. Because of my little better English skills, the idea how to be successful, using spare time by giving no thoughts for school, and not travelling during the semester, I didn’t have any major problems at school during this fall. After 12 classes, I’ve got 9 As and 3 Bs which means my GPA is 3.67. This because GPA is so much more important here in America than back home.
Practices started pretty well, mostly doing rehab for my ankle. It took pretty long time to get all movements back to almost normal level. Today it doesn’t bother me too much, but sometimes it is painful, especially when doing plyometrics. We started throwing javelin in October, which felt a little early to me. We lifted weights normally four times a week and I did couple pretty good records in upper body exercises during the fall. Hopefully legs and hip will become stronger before the first meet of the season, which takes place in late March here in El Paso. Anyways, throwing was nothing but easy this fall. I struggled a lot with technique and getting power to the javelin. But last month has been better and I’ve found some new stuff to improve the technique, which has given me some self-confidence.
My family visited me during the holiday, and we went to Phoenix to watch first NHL game ever. It was an awesome experience and I’m really hoping we will have a chance to go again in the future. Had some great time with them during two weeks they spent here in El Paso.
Everything is better than ever in my life and I am hoping this season and the semester will be a big success for me and my teammates. I strongly believe my chances to hit somewhere between 75 and 80 meters this season…


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