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22-year-old javelin thrower from Jyväskylä.

Fall 2015

Hello, This semester was successful what comes to my studies at school. I finished every class with the highest grade, which meant to be the end of my study hall hours. Big part of this strong semester belongs to my tutors and helpful classmates. Comparing the first two semesters here, the second one was way […]

The beginning of the second semester

What’s going on everybody? It has been while since my last topic. Summer rushed through so fast and here I am, back in business in El Paso. Briefly about summer. Had a great time with my family and friends and again it was pretty hard to leave them behind and head to El Paso. I […]


Oh it is already June. How fast time has flown…? I really wanted to make one more post before nationals. I have been a little lost with my technique last 3-5 weeks as you could see from my last results. I thought I was ready to hit my sb/pb last weekend in Austin! But what […]

The end of the semester

Hello everybody. It is time summarize this spring shortly and talk about last month before coming back to Finland.   Last week was finally time to close books for this semester. Only 11 hours classes per week, but it required more work than I could imagine. All the courses went pretty good. I haven’t got […]

March & April 2015

Hello everyone. During March & April it has been all about practicing, studying, and competing finally. Practices has been good except last couple days. I have an infection in my toe and nail is growing under the skin. On Monday some doctor will pull the nail off. Only two weeks left school this semester. Couple […]


Second post within short time because it is Spring Break! My last week before the break was pretty good. I got my grades from individual presentation (96/100) and history paper (A-, 138/150). I can’t remember when I have been as successful in school as in here. My midterm grades from every class were A! But […]

February 2015

Moi. February comes to end and only one week left before the spring break! The whole month has been pretty good. I turned my first history paper and I had the first official exam (math). The exam went good (97%) and hopefully the paper was enough good to get pass. Still the biggest issue is […]

Feelings from first classes

Hey all again. Since last post has happened many things. My classes started two weeks ago. So I have pre-calculus (math), U.S. history to 1865, Jazz to Rock (musician) and seminar/critical inquiry. It might sounds an easy schedule but I have found studying at UTEP way different than any other schools before. I mean the […]

First days in El Paso

Hi all. Long waiting before this trip has finally ended. I arrived at El Paso last Sunday. It was very difficult situation to say goodbyes for my parents in the Helsinki-Vantaa-Airport. But now I am here and not looking back unless I miss my family and friends of course. My first day here went pretty […]

Preparing the trip

Hi! My name is Rasmus Maukonen. I am studying in JAMK the University of Applied Sciences in Finland. Next 18 months I will study in the university of Texas at El Paso (=UTEP). I also throw javelin and that is the biggest reason why I am leaving to El Paso. Welcome to reading my blog. […]