Tiia (soon) from Troyes

I’m Tiia, a 22 years old tourism student. I study at JAMK University of Applied Sciences and this is my second year there. This spring I’m not going to study here in Jyväskylä. Instead, I’m going to spend spring 2015, from February till June, in Troyes, France as an exchange student. This blog is about my exchange and I have to write this in English because that’s what JAMK wants. So feel free to laugh at my spelling mistakes and other stupid things I’m going to write.

I chose to go to France for my Erasmus exchange because I have been studying French for a long time. Unfortunately that doesn’t mean I would be able to speak French for more than a few sentences 😀 But that is why I wanted to go to France, to really learn the language or at least try to do so.


(Yes, I photoshopped (used Paint if you didn’t guess) this masterpiece myself)

Troyes is situated in north-central France, less than two hour train trip from Paris. I’m going to study in a school called ESC Troyes, which is JAMK’s partner school. All I know about the school is that they have degrees for at least tourism students and business students. And that their intranet, where the course selections, accommodation selections and other small things have to be done, doesn’t work very well. And the courses I’d like to take are in English.Other than that I don’t really know much.

Even though the intranet hasn’t been working properly I have at least managed to get myself a place to live in while I’m staying in Troyes. I’ll be living in a house with four other students and one of them is my classmate from JAMK. The house is situated really close to the school, about 100 meters, which is great because I get lost easily 😀


(This is the school logo, I took it from here)

Course selections have been a total disaster because the intranet doesn’t work as it is supposed to. I hope I’m going to get into the courses I originally chose. If that happens, I’ll be studying for example luxury tourism, which sounds great and very different than the courses JAMK has to offer.

I‘m really excited about this Erasmus exchange, but I’m also a bit scared. I’m afraid of many things that I’m going to have to face during this spring; flying, trying to survive speaking French, missing my boyfriend, trying to get friends and so on. But I’m pretty sure these things will all be just fine and I’m going to have a great time. And if not, I have a plan B: If I won’t get any friends and I feel bad I’ll spend my time at the school’s gym and come back to Finland in top shape! And if I get friends and feel good I’ll probably come home 5kg heavier..!

Okay this was some basic information about me and what I’m going to do next spring. I think I’m going to write one more post before the departure on 3rd of February and hopefully a lot more from Troyes!



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