Preparations before deprature

I thought I’d write something about the preparations I’ve done after I was accepted to ESC Troyes. The school has an application platform where students can apply for accommodation, select courses and send many different types of certificates etc. to the school. Sounds really handy but unfortunately the platform often doesn’t work. Like right now. And if I go to the platform with my computer I see different accommodation options and courses to select than with my phone. Pretty annoying.


Finding all the information needed has sometimes been really difficult. That is why me and my friend Ronja, who is also going to Troyes, were lucky that an angle named Lilli contacted us. Lilli is a student from JAMK and she spent last spring in Troyes so she knows all about the preparations and also what it is like to study in ESC Troyes. She has helped us out a lot, thanks Lilli if you should read this 🙂

Okay so here is a list of the biggest things I’ve had to do so far:

Applying for accommodation


Getting a place to live was quite easy. On the application platform there was a list of houses and apartments that local people rent to students. Then I just had to choose which one’s where the nicest and choose my top 3. I got a room from a house that I had chosen as my second option. I’ll have four roommates and the rent will be 370€ for each of us. That includes water, electricity and wi-fi which is great.

Course selections


I still haven’t been able to do my course selections because the application platform showed that all the courses were full when the selection just started. But this probably will be taken care of when I arrive to Troyes. I filled my Learning Agreement already so I hope I’ll get the courses that I want. The courses that I chose sound very interesting since Troyes offers courses like Economic and environmental approach to the luxury industry and Upscale travelling and tour operators.

Birth certificate

I had to send a birth certificate to Troyes. That had to be written in French because of course English version would be too easy to get. I had to order the certificate from Helsinki register office and it was really expensive. I had to pay 48,50€ for a piece of paper that basically says where I was born and when and who my parents are. As if the copies of my ID card that I also had to send didn’t include enough information about me..

Language test

There was a French language test on the application platform that I had to take. Based on this test, us students will be divided into groups where we study French. Also I had to take English test because Erasmus or JAMK or someone required that.

Learning agreement


I’m still working on my learning agreement. Or actually all that is left is chasing down the people whose signatures I need. And that seems to be the trickiest part.. All the information needed was in Elmo so after some searching the agreement was quite easy to fill. I really want to get the signatures as soon as possible because I will be able to apply for Erasmus grant and Kela student allowance only after I have filled the learning agreement fully.


After I had copied, scanned, signed and send pictures, certificates and stuff like that ESC Troyes sent ME some papers as well. About three weeks before my departure they sent me timetables for the first week. The first week will be mostly about getting to know the school, signing rental contracts, opening a French bank account and other necessary thing. I’m really happy that the school will help us do these things since my French skills are not on a level where I could discuss about contracts and accounts.


Also the first French course begins at the end of the first week. The course will be intensive course so we will be studying all day. As I mentioned earlier, we will be divided into groups based on our French skills. Beginners group here I come..!


So now I’ll just have to wait for a few more weeks. I have already wrote down what I need to take with me and bought train tickets to Helsinki-Vantaa airport and of course plane tickets from Helsinki to Paris. I want to go already!



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