Arrival to Troyes

We, my classmate Ronja who now is also my roommate, flew to France from Finland with SAS. We thought we’d save some money and took a flight that had one stop in Stockholm-Arlanda. Well there was four hours of waiting so if I could go back in time I would definitely fly straight to Paris from Helsinki.

Carte jeune

But anyway, we arrived to Paris 18.40 and took a taxi to Gare de l’Est. We didn’t want to go to the station by public transport because we had a bit tight schedule. There was only two hours to get from the airport to the railway station since the last train to Troyes left 20.40. Luckily there was not a lot of traffic and we had plenty of time at Gare de l’Est to buy tickets to train and “Carte jeune” which is a discount card for young people for train and bus tickets. We even had time to eat at the station before the train left.

Some of the food stuff that was in the Welcome Package

When we arrived to Troyes there was supposed to be someone waiting for us but there wasn’t. They did eventually arrive with a super small car and took us to our house. The transport was very un-organized and one girl didn’t even get the keys to her place so she had to go somewhere else to sleep for that night. We were also supposed to get a “Welcome Package” with some food, toilet paper etc. but we only got it the next day at school.

Maps, timetables for bus, SIM card etc. that also were in the Welcome Package

At our house our roommates were waiting for us. Now we have two Finnish girls living here (me and Ronja), one German girl named Steffi and one Spanish girl named Sonia. The house is very nice and new but also very cold. But that should get better when the spring comes. Now it’s like -2 degrees so almost like in Finland although there is no snow.

That’s all about arriving here. I’ll write something about the first days at school soon!


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