First days at school

School’s main entrance

First day at school began with French breakfast for Erasmus students. It consisted of some sweet pastries and mini croissants with orange juice. We talked with some Mexican girls who were really nice.


The first day was mainly about getting information about the school and the studies, opening a French bank account, taking photos for the student cards etc. French language course began on Thursday. For some reason I’m in an advanced class and the things we go trough are very difficult for me. I tried to change to a lower level but the teacher won’t let me do that because he thinks I speak French well enough. Unfortunately that is not the truth. The days feel pretty long because I’m super tired after traveling and there is a lot of waiting and also a lot of information to take in every day. And French lessons feel endless because I don’t understand enough to follow them properly.


The school has let us Erasmus students to eat lunch for free at the cafeteria but I think next week we have to start paying for the food. We get to choose one salad, one dessert, one dairy product (cheese or jogurt) and the main course. Lunch costs something like 4.50€ which is more expensive than in Finland.

Our landlords came to our house the first evening and we signed our contracts with them. They were a nice couple but they didn’t speak English very much. Luckily our Sonia, who has already been here for like 6 months, was able to translate what they meant if we didn’t understand. After signing the contracts we went to a pub where other Erasmus students where, but we were super tired so we only stayed there for a like an hour. Maybe on Saturday when there is some sort of bigger Erasmus party we will be more energetic 😀 Last night we stayed at home trying to make our wi-fi work better (didn’t manage to do that..). Today I’ll go to the city center to eat burgers with this lovely French girl Celia!

Okay, that’s about it! See ya!


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