First week of school, done!

First school week is now over. I had French intensive course and also a marketing course. Days have been very long and my back hurts when I have to sit down all day. It is very exhausting to be at school from morning to late afternoon, specially compared to JAMK, where we have 2 or 4 hours of school a day.. But I have gotten rid of my constant tiredness so I’ve been able to enjoy this week too!

Salad of the day

On Monday began my first ”real” course, Marketing of Luxury tourism. Day was way too long, from 8 to 17.15, so it was quite hard to concentrate all the time even though I found the course interesting. The course is meant to students who are doing their Master’s degree, so it was a bit difficult for me because I haven’t studied as many marketing related things as most of the other students had. Well that’s quite obvious since I’m only doing my Bachelor’s degree.

This marketing course only lasts for 5 days and two of the five sessions were during this first week, three will be in March. Weird. But during this month between the classes we have to start our group work so at least there is something to do. Many of the courses at ESC Troyes seem to be organized in this way. And many of them overlap so let’s see how we’ll manage 😀

My useful notes

French intensive course is finally over, I’m so glad! We had an exam on Friday which consisted of both oral and written parts. Test was pretty easy because you could ask help from teacher and classmates and also use all the notes that you had done during the course. So even if I won’t get excellent results I should at least pass.

Finnish and German Erasmus girls

Even though days at school have been very long we still have had time to do nice things too. On Friday evening we had some Erasmus students over at our place. We went to a pub in city center and then later to this small but still nice club called Cotton.

We had some troubles leaving our house when the gate didn’t open

On Saturday we went to an outlet village to see what they have there. I only bought chocolate and a haircolour so it wasn’t a very successful trip 😀 Better luck next time! Chocolate was very good though.

Chocolate ommomm

Next week I won’t have school at all because it is some sort of winter holiday. Weird thing is that some students, like my roommate Steffi, have courses next week so for them it is just an ordinary school week. Well, I’m glad I have a little holiday! I’m planning on visiting Dijon and Paris but let’s see how things go.

I’m going to start looking for a BlaBla car to Dijon now, I’ll write something again next week.



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