Viva Barcelona!

Physiotherapy practical training in Barcelona

Barcelona, I am coming

This is really post-posted blog because I have been in Barcelona already little bit more than one week. The reason I didn’t write earlier was that I was too busy with another practical training and my thesis in Finland. But here I’m now, writing this post for all of you who would like to go exchange during studies.

I have always wanted to go to Barcelona. I really can’t explain why. Maybe part of because of football, part of because history and culture what they have here, maybe because of Spain and the language. I don’t know for sure. But life never threw me to Barcelona or Spain but when I started my physiotherapy studies, I had a change. I had heard lot of good feedback about exchanging studies in Barcelona in physiotherapy field from my teachers and already graduated students. So already in the beginning of my studies I decided to go to Barcelona (or Spain) for exchange.

Last autumn I decided that it would be my last practical training what I would do in Barcelona and I contacted our international services right away. The coordinator of the international services told me the process of exhange and we made a timetable when I should do applications etc. for the exchange. She also contacted to Barcelona and kind of reserved the place for me. Last March I filled the learning agreement for exchange and made application for the university. I got accepted to Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (UAB) so it was sure that I would go to do my last practical training abroad!

After that both coordinators of international services in JAMK and in UAB changed so that caused little bit confusing with the papers and other stuff. But in the end, all was good. I got a practical training place from Toni Bové fisioteràpia centrum, from Via Augusta unit. Here is a link to their website:

Last thing what I needed to to for my exchange was get my insurance done (which only needed one phone call to my insurance company), get European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), apply for JAMK’s the Erasmus+ grant, take care of all stuff with KELA and get an apartment from Barcelona. I got all these things done pretty easy and I rent a nice room via Uniplaces ( And of course I booked my flights!

During summer we heard bad news about a terror attack in Barcelona at La Rambla and just couple weeks and dayys before my departure about demostrations and violence confrontations in Barcelona because of Catalonia would like to independent country. These new really didn’t scare me or wanted me to change my plans. Of course those things need to be take serious and take into account but not take them too distressing or restrictive cases.

During summer I met two guys from Barcelona. They were playing american football for Jyväskylän Jaguaarit during last summer so I had two friends around already. That really comfort my family members after the news of Barcelona.

Then I just packed my bags on 7th of October and left to Barcelona happy and smiling like always!

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Sanna Paasu-Hynynen
Posted 2.11.2017 at 20:51

So nice to hear from you and your experiences from Spain. It must be a experience of an lifetime. Hope to hear more soon!