The beginning of living in Barcelona


Now I have been three weeks in Barcelona and I have started to integrated to local living. In these first weeks my neighborhood and Barcelona generally have gotten familiar, I have learnt the public transport system well and I have learnt some Spanish and Catalan.

I live in L’Eixample area with a local lady and her cat. Our co-housing have been unproblematic and I can freely use the kithen and it’s eguipments and laundry machine etc. I have nice little room for myself and the lady cleans it once a week. Luxury! The cat is funny and nice company. The area is nice and quiet and all services are in walk distance, like grocery store, post office, bank and many cafeterias and restaurants. The train / metro station is close also and the stops of different bus routes are all in walk distance. The ATM-card for one month was 52,75€, which include busses and metros. Pretty cheap price and really easy wasy to go around the city!

Food is cheaper here than in Finland. That is good for my economy because I don’t have incomes from work now. I normally spend about 20€-25€ for food in one week. That includes all meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Normal restaurants and cafeterias are pretty cheap also, you can eat well here about with 12€-15€. Also in clothing stores etc. the price level is lower than in Finland which is not so good for me and my economy. 😀

Barcelona tourist

The University of Gimbernat is outside of the city area. The metro takes about 20-30 minutes there. I have been there once to meet the incoming exchange coordinator in the second say of my staying. The coordinator was so nice and helpfull with everything that includes in my practical training. We had really good meeting and she contacts me regularly to know that everything is fine.

The University Gimbernat
The University of Gimbernat

My wokring place is Toni Bové Fisioteràpia, Via Augusta center which is a private clinic. I have nice co-workers and there is also 6 other students doing practical training. They all are from the local universities. They have little bit different way to do practial trainings than we have in Finland. They work normally from 9am to 1pm/2pm and they have classes in the evening from 5pm to 8pm. If they work in the evening shift, they have classes in the morning. Long days and no life, I think. 😀 But that’s studying!
My supervisor is nice and cool guy. He have taught me the working habbits of the place, more about using ultrasound, electrotherapy, magnetic, thermotherapy, laser and deep heat as a part of physiotherapy and some manual therapy ways. The work itself is different than in Finland. Everyday there are 130-200 patients which is crazy. The tempo of the work is super fast. One physiotherapist should treat 5 patients in an hour and this is consequence of that the insurance companies pay 7€/patient from the treatment. Crazy and quite sad. If the patients come to the clinic as a private patients, the price is about 45€/hour and the physiotherapis spend whoule that our with the patient. But the physiotherapists in Spain are working on to get this changed because they know that 5 patients in an hour is too much and the results of the treatment might not be as good as possible.

Toni Bové Fisioteràpia, Via Augusta

I’ll write again during next week about the cultur and local habbits!