Time flies

My last week is getting it’s end very soon. I’m looking forward to go home even I have had great time in Barcelona! It was quite hard to be abroad on Finland’s 100th independence day and that was the day when I missed my home the most. Luckily I spend the evening with my friends and that helped to homesickness little bit.

I finished my practical training last Thursday 7.12. in Toni Bové Fisioteràpia. The whole practical training was an instructive experience. During the practical training I managed to achieve learning goals partly and fully. I achieved partly only the learning goal of making physiotherapeutic diagnoses. The reason was that the clients already had physiotherapeutic diagnoses when they came to physiotherapy. The coordinator of the center usually make the physiotherapeutic diagnose and determines the client’s treatment. So, I didn’t have opportunities to practice making physiotherapeutic diagnoses. But with my supervisor we went through many diagnostic tests in theory and in practice together, so I got some practice about making the physiotherapeutic diagnoses.

I have improved my skills in combining injuries / pathologies with right exercises and I have been more active to guidance the exercises to the clients. I have made sure that the clients understand what I want them to do because I needed to guide in English. I showed examples and then I wanted that the client will do the exercises too, so I could guide more the position, the direction of the movement, the stability and control of the movement etc. And in that way the client got right feeling about the exercises and I was sure that the client has understood me. I have also improved more my mobilization skills during the last part of the practical training. I have learnt how to affect to the certain direction of movement and how to combine the right mobilization for a specific motion limit better. To sum up I can say that I have achieved fully these learning goals during the practical training.

The whole practical training was very instructive experience and I’m happy that I used my chance to exchange during the studies. Even the shock was quite big about the working tempo, the amount of the clients and the difference in operational habits, and in the beginning and language barrier have been sometimes really high, I’m pleased with my practical training in Toni Bové Fisioteràpia, Barcelona. Integrating to the work place and the operational habits took little bit longer from me than usual but eventually I integrated well. The longer time for integrating was due to cultural differences and the language barrier.

As soon as I was integrated I became more brisk and brave. That helped me to take care of the clients independently and I started to learn more and develop myself as a physiotherapist more. I learned a lot new mobilization and manual therapy skills, develop myself little bit of making physiotherapy diagnoses and learned to work in a really different culture and place as a real part of the working team. I’m happy and pleased all the new things what I have learned in physiotherapy and I will use many of them in the future when I’m operating as a physiotherapist. As well as I learned new thing, I was able to use my old skills and knowledge during the practical training and also develop / update my old skills and knowledge. I didn’t achieve fully all my learning goals and that vex me little bit. But at least I know something that I still need to improve when I start to operate as a physiotherapist and I can develop myself more and more a lot in the future.

The whole practical training has developed my professional image and I have learned new things from myself as a physiotherapist. I think that one of the most important aspect of this last practical training is to develop the professional image of the student. I think that I got to develop my professional image even more here in Barcelona, in different environment, with new operating habits, with the clients who don’t speak same language and with co-workers who have done their studies and got their knowledge in the country who has little bit different influence of how physiotherapy should be done.

In the summary, the last practical training has developed me as a physiotherapist, I have learned new skills and updated my old skills and I feel that I’m more ready to work and operate as a physiotherapist in work life.

During the exchange I have met many new people and saw many great places. I have had time to be a tourist and also live like a local people. The language is still a problem sometimes but the language barried have came much lower during this two months. It a pity that local people too many times say that they don’t speak English or that they are too shy to speak in English even that (in both cases) they speak good or passable English. Also it is a pity that I don’t speak Spanish or Catalan because many times I have just sat quietly at the table when other people have had good and fun conversations in Spanish or Catalan and I couldn’t participate. I totally understand that people talk with their own language in their own country but sometimes I have felt that I haven’t given the best impression about myself or Finnish people because we haven’t a common language.

But, but, but! My exchange have been a good experience and I’m happy that I took the chance and I left to this trip! Here are some pictures from Barcelona and places where I have visited during my trip.

Camp Nou
Park Güell
Barcelona skyline
Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya
Font màgica de Montjuïc in Catalan
La Sagrada Familia (sorry that the picture is sideways)

Next Tuesday I’ll go back to Finland!