Viva Barcelona!

Physiotherapy practical training in Barcelona

Back home

It’s good to be back home!

The exchange was a great experience but home is always home. And christmas is coming so I like to be with my family again. The snow storm on Tuesday was crazy and it was a little weather shock first. I have not experienced any other cultural shock or anything. I have once before returned from an one year trip back home so this was quite easy!

Now I have taken care of the last paper work of the exchange. I got good evaluations from the practical training and the receiving university was really understanding and nice to giving my credits really fast. Normally it takes about 5 weeks but I got them in 2 days! That helped me to get paper work done with JAMK and now I have made a requisition for the examination certificate. All done, all good!

I’m really thankful for the UAB and JAMK for the fast work with my credits and papers. Now I will graduate! I’m almost a physiotherapist! I really recommend to go exchange if you think that at all! It’s a great chance to meet new people and develop your professional skills! Go abroad!