Otteliina Viinikainen

Back home

It’s good to be back home! The exchange was a great experience but home is always home. And christmas is coming so I like to be with my family again. The snow storm on Tuesday was crazy and it was a little weather shock first. I have not experienced any other cultural shock or anything….

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Time flies

Hola! My last week is getting it’s end very soon. I’m looking forward to go home even I have had great time in Barcelona! It was quite hard to be abroad on Finland’s 100th independence day and that was the day when I missed my home the most. Luckily I spend the evening with my…

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Cultural collision

I have been in Barcelona one month now. I have noticed some cultural differences between Spanish / Catalans and Finnish, and I think all who have visited here have noticed some of these things too. First of all, local people are really helpful and community is really big thing here. People gather together on day…

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