Training in hospital and… Babies!!! Finally!

I can’t believe it’s already a third week here!? How come the time goes by so fast?

Last week I started my practical training at the Taipei Veterans General Hospital (VGH) and unlike I thought and said at  the previous post, I didn’t go to the labor room. Instead I ended up going to the pediatric oncology and hematology ward for two weeks. When I first heard about going to the pediatric ward, I felt very off place because pediatric oncology has a little to do with my studies. However I soon noticed that the ward is an excellent place to learn! The nurses have introduced us to their procedures and some of them seems a lot better than what we do in Finland! For example in the pediatric ward, safety of the patient is the most important thing in everything. Nurses have this “double check” system in medication, chemotherapy, blood transfusion, lab samples, doing procedures…. even when taking vital signs! Double check means they’ll have to open all the electronic patient papers with bar code found from the patient bracelet. That’s how the nurse will always check the patients identity by herself and the bar code reader/computer confirms it. It seems for me that Taipei VGH is extremely advanced hospital and very high in technology.

Still it has not only been pediatric oncology for the last week. At Thursday we got to see the neonatal ward and a tiny glimpse of maternity ward (I’m so excited to go there after few weeks!). There were also healthy mature babies in neonatal ward so it seems that all the newborn babies go there at first…? I’ll have to check that fact later. It was amusing to notice that babies are babies no matter of country. There were A LOT of crying, eating, pooping and sleeping in a neonatal ward. But one thing was somehow different compared to Finnish babies… Taiwanese babies they all have so much hair!!! 😀


So what else has been going on in my life besides practical training… Not much I guess. Just a lot of eating and eating and eating and eating. In Taipei one truly have to eat all the time to get really into the culture, so my goal is to taste everything! At the moment I have eaten stinky tofu, dumplings with beef, pork, vegetables and shrimp, fried chicken, hot pot with basically everything you can imagine, lot of different noodles, sushi, fish balls, a million soybean jelly textured things in delicious sauces…. The list will continue to eternity! >:)

Little crabs, stinky tofu, pork and rice something and an omelet...? I don't remember the names but delicious!!!

Little crabs, stinky tofu, pork and rice something and an omelet…? I don’t remember the names but delicious!!!


Good night y’all! <3