Oh hai!

Long time no posting… I’m so sorry -.-

I promise to TRY post more often… It’s just there is so much to do and see and learn everyday that sitting in front of my computer and typing is not really the first thing in my mind. Actually last week and weekend was all just studying for me because I had to make a power point presentation about the things I have learned here. It was mildly distressing situation to perform in front of all my supervisors, head nurses and  the president of the hospital (and I had to do that in English of course…!!). But I feel so proud of myself now when it’s over ^-^

So the last eight weeks I have spent my days in different departments of Veterans General Hospital. After the orientation in pediatrics and practicing in delivery room I went to the obstetrics ward. There I first observed and took care of post postpartum mothers (mothers after delivery) and then focused on pregnant women hospitalized due different reasons for example threatened premature labor and pre-eclampsia. Last two weeks I have been in obstetrics and gynecologic Out Patient Department to join the regular pregnancy checkups. I have also had the chance to see the pediatric clinics  and observe the regular checkups and vaccinations of newborns and little children.

The topic I would like to write about today is Taiwan’s health insurance system. Local people and especially health care professionals are very proud of Taiwan’s health insurance and I have to admit (despite the fact that Finnish health insurance system is one of the worlds  best) that I am impressed. Almost every Taiwanese citizen has the health insurance card (similar to Finnish Kela card…?) they can use in both public and private health care institutions. The insurance will cover the costs of checkups, some materials (e.g. wound care supplies) and some medicine (some are for self pay only). For pregnant women, the government will provide 10 free prenatal checkups and one ultrasound for free. If families need more checkups and closer following of the pregnancy, the health insurance will cover the costs so it is very cheap for parents to have more checkups if needed.

It’s amazing that I have also started to become more and more interested about Finland’s society systems and welfare after leaving the country and coming here. Seriously me!? I have never liked history and social studies in school but now I have been finding myself reading about Finnish welfare system and taxation during the lunch break?! 😀 Well they say that travel broadens…!