Ni hao!

What has been up lately? Long story short, I moved to the new city called Yilan (small town they say…), had a stomach flu that I luckily survived pretty easily (one high fever peak and three days of rest and good hydration) and spilled some soup to my keyboard (it`s not working right now but lets just wait for day or two for it to dry and keep our fingers crossed).

Last two weeks I have been doing my training in NBR and SBR. NBR is short for newborn room and SBR for sick baby room. I’m getting so confused with all these letter combinations here. They have shortenings for everything!



Newborn room.


After born, all the healthy babies will get a short moment in skin to skin contact before the nurses take him/her to newborn room for full body soap bath, measurements and all the evaluations one can imagine. Baby might be in newborn room for few hours before he/she is able to go to his/hers mother for breastfeeding. If there has been many deliveries in a short period of time, you can only imagine the sound of all the tiny hungry people crying for breast milk…

Now it’s my time to start doing pop-ups and push-ups to build my surfing muscles. Yes, last weekend I tried surfing for the first time in my life and it got me totally stoked! >:)

Good night you all!