Hyvvee päevee tiältä Savon mualta!

Here I am, back in snowy Finland. Spending the last days of holiday in Itä-Savo with my family.  A lot happened after the previous post including the end of the practical training, moving back to Taipei, trying to get every last bit out of the country I fell in love with, missing my flights due stomach flu (everything can really happen!!) and finally flying back home just for Christmas eve.

The exchange period in Taiwan was one of the best experiences in my life. I feel like I was living there, not just visiting as a tourist. I did altogether 14 weeks of training in atleast 9 or more different wards (if all the introduction visits e.g. are also counted). The training was intense and I didn’t have time to study any theory courses at the university wich is a shame, but I enjoyed my time. I feel like this experience gave me not only practical learning but also the experience that helps me to see the world better.

After I finished the training I went to do the last tourist experiences I was still missing out. I went to the cat village, seriously a village full of stray cats you could feed the catfood bought from convenience store (so hilarious :’D). I went to see the old parts of Taipei with red chinese lanterns and narrow stairways aswell as the new and poshy parts with shopping malls full of expencive boutiques and well dressed people. I also travelled to Kending, a place in southern Taiwan to learn more surfing. Really good waves there! Traveling alone was simple and felt safe because people in Taiwan are really helpful and trustworthy.


Souvenir shop in Cat Village ^-^


Taroko National Park

When I left Taiwan and travelled back home I had mixed feelings. At the same time I wanted to go home to Finland and see my family and friends and spend the best time of the year there (I just love winter and snow), but I also didn’t want to leave the beautiful and friendly country and all the new friends and people I met. I miss Taiwan a lot and I’m sure that I will travel back there soon, maybe this time with one way ticket only… To the ending of this blog I want to share the unknown quote that sums up my feelings at the moment:

” You will never be completely at home again, because part of your heart will always be elsewhere. That’s the price you pay for the richness of loving and knowing people in more than one place.”

Thank you all for reading my blog! -Jatta

One more picture to the end:


First it was weird, then I learned to love it and now I’m urging it! The spicy soup with vegetables, pigblood cake, intestine, stinky tofu, seafood, mushrooms and noodles. Something I can’t get from Finland :'(