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Hyvvee päevee tiältä Savon mualta!

Here I am, back in snowy Finland. Spending the last days of holiday in Itä-Savo with my family.  A lot happened after the previous post including the end of the practical training, moving back to Taipei, trying to get every last bit out of the country I fell in love with, missing my flights due […]

About breastfeeding

你們 好=Hello everyone! Here I am sitting in my dormitory room and drinking bubble milk tea. Bubble milk tea is a typical Taiwanese tea drink that people here loves (usually served cold). What makes it special are the “bubbles” aka chewy (someone might say slimy) tapioka balls in the bottom of the drink that you can […]

Ni hao!

What has been up lately? Long story short, I moved to the new city called Yilan (small town they say…), had a stomach flu that I luckily survived pretty easily (one high fever peak and three days of rest and good hydration) and spilled some soup to my keyboard (it`s not working right now but […]

Oh hai!

Long time no posting… I’m so sorry -.- I promise to TRY post more often… It’s just there is so much to do and see and learn everyday that sitting in front of my computer and typing is not really the first thing in my mind. Actually last week and weekend was all just studying […]

Delivery room!

Whoa! Last Monday I started the practical training in labor/delivery room and I feel so inspired every day after practice. When I have been able to witness a totally different ways to treat the delivery, I am most impressed about the fact that in Finland we have this amazingly talented group of professionals who have […]

Training in hospital and… Babies!!! Finally!

I can’t believe it’s already a third week here!? How come the time goes by so fast? Last week I started my practical training at the Taipei Veterans General Hospital (VGH) and unlike I thought and said at  the previous post, I didn’t go to the labor room. Instead I ended up going to the […]

First week in Taipei!

First week in Taipei has been overwhelming. In a positive way. So much has happened that I don’t even know where to start… Also this whole blog writing thing is all new to me  O.O Maybe I should start by introducing myself. My name is Jatta and I’m a midwife student. I have already studied […]