Wellness back home

This blog is about my exchange student period in Romania. Will reflect my personal view about the socio and health care sistem here and very personal experience in carying of a terminalli ill brother. Blog will tell about the culture, way of living ,differences between Finland and Romania, experiences my guests from Finland are having here in Romania while visiting my home village and its beauty and wondar.

Eternity was born in the village

 A Romanian poet, Lucian Blaga, wrote that eternity was born in the village.

There are some places that many of us do not even know they exist. There are some different places than others. Different from everything you´ve ever seen. Places to  breath and live with you. Places to talk about life, about man´s power of  owning and knowing. There are places where moral and spiritual values ​​are kept and each becomes a man. A natural world where you feel the earth is a part of you.

Village is considered the heart and the soul of Romania. It is the place that combines simplicity with kindness. Nowhere else in Europe the medieval ways prevail as they do here  and where the peasant culture remains a  strong force. The  traditions, architecture, music, traditional crafts , original customs , folk costumes will express the intense spirituality. All those together with the landscapes and rich history will make up the whole  that gives today’s Romania a unique, irreplaceable and special atmosphere.

A trip to a Romanian village  is a lesson of history, culture and geography without a teacher. Just look and listen carefully to  the show that surrounds you. Nature is majestic place around, and local life, so quiet but so rich, will not let you  indifferent. The smell of burnt wood, smoke from the chimneys of houses, beautiful scenery, carts on street … All those  brings you  to the image of old villages where the pace will  slow flowing and people are there … Masters of the places  for centuries.