Getting the pink slip that matters

The magic slip

So for staying in the People´s Republic of China for more than in transit stay you will need a VISA. I just left my application for one.

Because I will stay there for less than 180 days my VISA type is X-2, for “Issued to those who intend to study in China for a period of no more than 180 days”. There is also a different student VISA if you want to study there for the whole academic year.

What I needed for my appication:

(1) A completed Application Form;                      -you get it online and fill it out before printing

(2) A recently-taken, passport-sized COLOR photo shall be GLUED to or STAPLED on the application form;                -blah, had  to get a full set of pictures for this

(3) The applicant’s passport which shall be valid for more than 6 months;                        -luckily mine is valid until 2018, phew

(4) A photocopy of the information page of the applicant’s passport;              -got 2 copies just in case, another was printed and other one printed from a scan, they wanted the scanned one!

(5) Original and photocopy of the Admission notice issued by a school or other entities in China               -almost lost my marbles while waiting for it to arrive


Walk straight up, not by the road to the left..

Actually I used clear tape to attach my picture and it was OK. But a word of advice. If you forget to have the copy of your admission notice like I did you will have to run to a local hairdressers shop to get it done. I had like 20 minutes time available for that because I was at the embassy 10 past eleven. And if you have to use the hairdresser services for a copy of some of your papers please take the short cut there! Not the long route I used one way. This is the best way to go there.

Actually getting to the embassy is relatively easy. Bus number 16 goes there and it leaves outside the train station. Also metro goes there but there is more to walk if you use it. I used bus to get there and the metro to come back because I missed the bus on the way back.

After I was (finally) able to hand out my application I got the little pink slip for picking it up when it´s done. I was really surprised because the handling time for one application is only 4 days! So if I wanted to I could pick my VISA next Tuesday but I think I will do it a bit later. Time to check for flights!