A haul good enough to howl for

Did shopping for some comfy shoes. I found 2 pairs of sneakers for 50RMB each! What a haul, what a haul. Or maybe it is the basic price here but whatever. I am so very happy about my fancy new shoes that don´t hurt my feet. I had my friend Tingting with me and she was really good company and made getting the right size so much easier. Because guess what. My feet that are usually the European size 39 or sometimes even 38 apparently hit the Chinese size scale at 41. Freaking 41. I feel like I´ve got elephant feet. But at least my over-sized-hooves have fancy pansy covers now.

And YES, the wireless connection in my room is finally working <3 I´ve been waiting for it like it is my lifeline. Onedrive is acting up, can not get any pictures out from there at the moment. Guess there will be a dramatic drop of readers because there are no pictures. And yes right now I´m too lazy to plug my phone in and get the pictures from there 😛