Bureaucratic bureaucracy

I went to the bank this morning because I got an email about the stipend money granted for international students in Donghua University by Chinese Government. And I will need to have Chinese bank account to receive it. The last time I went to the bank I had my Chinese friend with me and they told me I need to Have the Admission Note with me in addition to the passport. So that visit was just for practise.

This time I went there alone, fully prepared with all the documents and student card and whatever. There was the bank guard/official looking guy who kindly helped me to fill out the form for the bank account, he spoke very little English but was very helpful in a shy, cute way. I was happy to have his help because it made it so much easier to fill the form out.

I finally got my queuing number and waited for a bit. Then I got to the service counter and was told to hand over my passport. Then the office clerk service person told me that I need to have the residence permit which by the way is not needed for a stay under 180 days at least according to the VISA office info. Of course I told that I´m under the impression that I don´t need it and he told me that I can absolutely not have a Chinese bank account because I am staying for less than 1 year. Like WTF!!? What will they do with students who are here for 2 semesters then, it is not a full year either. “New policy” my 4$$ GGRRRRRRR.

Well after the short walk back to the campus I went straight up to the International Office to inform Ms Frances about the situation. Ms Frances is the director of the international stuff and she is the kind of person that you can find easy to ask help from.

So the matter of the bank account/ union pay card is out of my hands and I can just pray for the best result.

It is strawberry season in China by the way! I tried a yoghurt/strawberry drink last night and it is my new favorite! The strawberry season is on for only a month or so. So I will have to make sure to gobble up all the strawberry goodies while they are in season lol. There is this juice bar conveniently placed just outside the Uni gate and my apartment building is right next to the gate. It is like 2~ minutes walk to go there.

P.S Update about the bank account thing. I got email that they will make some sort of group application like for all of the international students at the same time through school office connections.