Day 4, Daylight..


Now I´ve got a router for my room and everything. The SIM I got for my phone has internet in 4G but there is a limit of 750MB or something for a month which is so low! The SIM is pay per use type, the internet use for it costs 36RMB / month + how much I call or text, I think I paid 100RMB for it altogether. The 4G works as intended.20160304_094347

For my dorm room I *had* to get a router and service from China Telecom. The router is supposed to get me WiFi in the room but just now I connected my phone on it and tried to connect laptop too after it but no, it tells me “Limited Connection, no internet” WTF. I´ll have to try to sort it out later on. Plus there was no cable for the router in the box! I´ll have to get a new cable to get my laptop connected ( hopefully it works that way) Opening the connection cost me 130RMB and of that the 100 was for 2 months advanced pay. So for the internet I´ll have to go to the place I purchased it from to pay after 2 months and for the phone when it goes dead I guess, I´ll have to see if there is an option to pay for the whole semester´s internet beforehand. It was very convenient to get the SIM and the router, both of the places are in the campus area, in building 122.

And about the room, the walls look crappy but everything works so it is really not a problem.

The weather was summery when I got here but now few days have been a little bit colder, around +5c or so. And it feels so cold.

I went to IKEA yesterday not for the meatballs tho but to get some bed linen and an extra pillow. The bed in the room is a bit on hard side but comfortable but the pillow was super flat so there was a dire need for a second one. Wouldn´t want to have a crink in my neck for the whole semester. The bed had linen in it so I just needed to get extra for washing it every once in a while.

The washing machine in the dorm works with laundry card that can be bought from the dorm or with coins, 4RMB / wash.

I had to pay for my accommodation on Monday ( I wasn’t able to use the gate to exit the dorm because my temporary card was out of use) and in order to do that I had to withdraw cash. I went to the office with my wad of bills, feeling like a gangster ( it was around 1 cm thick!) to pay but they told me I need to get my student card first. So the payment office took the temp card and told me to go to another office for student card and then to a third place to actually pay the fee. So the 1st office just recorded my intended stay 2nd  one gave the student card+ enrolment papers, the enrolment is tomorrow and 3rd office took my money, the 3rd place is also the one to get the food card from but to put money on it you have to go to cafeteria 2nd floor 😀

And I had finally the chance to meet my roommate!  She is a very nice German girl, quite a bit younger than me but she seems to be the type that has brains instead of air in her head lol. I think we will get along just fine.