Eeny, meeny, miny, moe



The enrolment day is today. So exciting. But it turned out that it is not that easy. First of all I thought that I´m in the B program, as that is what I applied for but was told that A and B are for language students only. So I´m in the C/D program thingy. (Too bad it´s not AC/DC) Lets see how the Learning Agreement things will turn out. At the moment I´m unable to access JAMK intra. Facebook seems to work while using VPN service. There are going to be some changes in my LA, there is just some trouble to get a blank one for the pages I´m missing.

They had somehow decided that I need to be on courses about nonwoven technology and textile & clothing enterprices. I quickly changed that and told that I´m not studying for that type of major.

One of the courses I previously selected is at the same time with another so I had to choose only one of them. And the course I was most excited about, Understanding the Chinese Economy has been cancelled because the teacher is sick. To replace the course lost I chose E-Commerce, we´ll see how that goes.

I think I will patiently wait at least until the end of the week for the internet to workif it is not on by the weekend I will go there and feed the router to them lol.

P.S. I got my Chinese name today! It is Ding Na CNNAME