OMG I am in China

Everything about the flight went well and was on time except my seat´s switch to tilt it was broken. I used the seat next to me trying to sleep. It´s been a long day today, had almost a nap but not quite and I´m really feeling it at this point. It also affects my social skills ( apparently) I  think I scared off the first person to have conversation with me :_< I was thinking about fun facts and blurted out that I´ve hardly slept for the last 24 hours or so and the guy practically ran off. Maybe tomorrow I will do better.

I had the good fortune to have met some Chinese students at JAMK previously and that way I got in contact with lovely Catherine who was kind enough to meet me at a metro stop and take me to the campus and shopping afterwards. From Pudong airport it is 1 switch inside the line and altogether 23 stops before getting close to the campus. If coming here I recommend getting your flights to Hongqiao airport, only 5 stops from there on it (line 2).

I feel very blessed to have had her take me around the first day. After the flight being all bleary-eyed and not at my sharpest it would have been hell trying to actually walk to campus from the right stop. And when I registered I could not have succeeded in it with using only English.

I will have to pay the dormitory fee in a lump sum on Monday because the right office wasn´t open today.

There is also the question about is the internet connection provided by Uni and the one I was told to purchase and a Chinese SIM-card affected by each other and if are, how. It seems that I need SIM, internet provider, Union Pay card ( to make life easier here). I already got the metro card from a station, 20 RMB deposit and the added some value on it. There is a entry card for dormitory, I have to beep myself through a gate when exiting and entering, seems quite strict.

I also had my first lunch in the cafeteria today, it cost a whopping 4,8RMB ( around 70 cents €) The food card had 20RMB deposit and can be charged in the cafeteria building.

It looks like there are several things to buy before settling.

I was a bit surprised about the dormitory room quality. The pictures looked homey but very neat. This room is as in the picture minus the part that mostly all of the surfaces have some sort of smudge on them. (Plus ATM I´m missing my roommate, her stuff is here but no signs of her, hope to get to meet her soon) Laike near the door handles there are some “sticky paw prints”. I guess I´ll just have to buy some magic sponge or something and do something about it. I´m not in Finland anymore or in a fancy summer school hotel either. The apartment building itself is holding up fairly well. I know for a fact that even though this takes a good night´s sleep to get used to, there are plenty of more meagre housing in use around the campus. I suppose I have been spoiled by my previous experiences  J And by the way for someone who has a fear of heights this 10/18 floor is definitely OK. This is the tallest of the international students housings.

Tomorrow I get to just chill out and try to figure out my surroundings and the distances to different places. Sniff, there is no cafeteria lunch or breakfast available tomorrow but I bought some dragon fruit and bananas so I´m good until later.