Unwanted heartthrob

There are 3 international student housing buildings in the campus. I´m in on number 3, the tallest one with 18 floors! Before accessing the elevator you have to go through a gate using the dorm card which also acts as the hot water usage card. When using the gate the guards at the lobby will get the picture of your face on the screen so they can check that it is really you and not some spy or something.

So the dorm seems really safe with all the safety measures.

I got the scare of my life yesterday. Me and my friends were at the common/study room at the ground level when we heard some noise. There were people shouting and sounds of smacking like generally loud dangerous sounding noise coming from the lobby. It sounded like I wasn´t sure whether to hide under a desk or run out screaming for help or whatever.

The security people actually locked the door so no one could enter the lobby for some time. They opened the door in 15 minutes or so. A bit later we heard from other students what was all that about. Apparently in my dorm there is one Russian? and one African? guy who fight over something, (got no idea what) every freaking time they see each other. I am under the impression that it is fist fights but still it makes a lot of noise. Also heard that one of the guys is the kind of person you want to avoid if possible. I hope I don´t ever get caught in the middle of their business.

This is a fine example of the differences between Finland and other countries. I don´t know how it is around the world but I don´t think this kind of thing would happen at school in Finland. Like ever hopefully. I am surprised that it happened in here, there are at least two guards on the entrance floor all the time. I am really not the type of person who has experience in violent situations nor do I ever want to be.
After the ruckus was over there was a bunch of guards in the lobby. I think the situation cleared out on its own or something. And no outsider was hurt or anything. So if this is actually an ongoing thing and happens from “time to time” I really hope I will never be in 5m radius of it happening.

Peace out, Tepa

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