Radio silence over

Sorry for the long break. For the first month I was sick twice and had one Chinese exam and a few presentations..


So about my courses,  I’ve got 3 in total. Altogether they are worth 26 study points in Finland. In addition to those I also have chosen a spoken Chinese course and that is something I have to pay for myself. Others are included in the basic course selection.


I’ve got the Chinese language course two times a week, Business practises in China and E-commerce once a week.


I am quite pleased with my courses so far. Most of the teachers speak English very well and communication is easy with them. One of the Chinese course teacher’s is sometimes hard to understand and there is a slight language barrier.


The Chinese is sometimes frustrating because the Chinese way of teaching includes humiliating the students . If you don’t know something in a class or answer wrong tho teacher will make a stupid face at you and be like “Haaaaaa???? o.O” or she will mock you by saying the same thing you did worse or just mumbling something in a tone that leaves nothing to imagination. That is something that is really hurtful and I can just imagine the amount of courage Chinese students need to speak up using English or some other language.. One of the Chinese teachers does this quite often and the other one not. I feel that there is not much I can do about that, it is seen as the normal way in China.  If some techer would be doing that in Finland that person would be unemployed quite soon I imagine.