Campus life


The campus area is huge when compared to JAMK. I think it takes around 20 minutes walk from one end to the other. The campus has several ball courts and its own running track as well. And this is the smaller of the 2 campuses Donghua has in Shanghai. The other campus is much bigger than this one and it takes more than one hour to go there by metro. I heard that the bigger campus is also newer than this. I have classes in two different buildings, one closer to my dormitory and the other one is on the other side of the campus.

I visited another international student dorm and came to conclusion that the room I got is really crappy one if I compare it with the other one I went to. The one I went to was recently renovated, it had nice clear, even walls and so much more storage place and the floor was new and the shower area without black mold in the seams of tiling. I think I might want to change the room, not the roommate. I think I got a better end of a deal than some when it comes to roommates. I´ll have to see how it fares out with the room.

There are 2 or maybe 3 cafeterias on campus. A small one has a tea shop upstairs while the large one has the place to up your campus card for lunch. The large one also has bubble tea during lunch hour for 4RMB!!! It is less than half the price when you compare it with tea shops outside.