Beijing and friends <3


I went to Beijing in the beginning of April. I spend 4 days there, Thursday to Monday. I arrived there very late on Thursday, basically on Friday so I’m not counting that day in.

I went there and back by train, it is very easy to book tickets through C-trip. I just had to pick up my ticket from the station. Be prepared to queue when you go there, arrive about one hour or even more earlier to your departure. There is a safety check similar to airports, but you can take drinks through the security.

I was so happy I was able to spend time with my dear friends, Summer and Hannah and also had time to meet Skyer briefly. I know the girls back from Finland when they did their exchange at JAMK. I feel blessed that through mutual friends I was able to get Summers contact info as I didn’t use Wechat back then and she doesn´t use Facebook in China. I was very lucky as the weather was perfect for going around in the city and that the girls went through the trouble to plan the visits for me <3

The hotel I stayed in was in a good location, near the metro so it was easy to get around. The room was ok, it was very cheap and for the price it was a good deal. A word tho, the beds in that particular hotel were VERY Chinese = super hard mattresses. I had gotten used to the hard bed at the dorm. It took like one week or so before I got no back pain from sleeping and after the initial discomfort the bed turned out to be very comfortable.

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