Qingdao, drinking Tsingtao  


There was a trip to Qingdao that the school arranged. The price was 1800RMB for me as I’m a stipend student here. It was 5 days trip and even with the normal price 2800RMB it is worth every penny and more!

There was a bus ride from school to the train station, we went there and back on the train. The time it takes to go there is longer than to Beijing. Going to Beijing is fairly straight and it is almost seven hours but going to Qingdao the train makes a turn to inland on the way and then towards the coast and it takes more than seven hours.

At Qingdao our hotel was surprisingly nice, the rooms were really neat. I got a random roommate there, a timid Mexican girl who slept in a puppy pile with her Korean friends instead of facing the scary Finn lol. So I had the room to myself there which was nice but I do think it was a bit rude of her.

The locations we went to included a German officers house,  TWO beaches, the Olympic torch area and a mountain. For me as a Finn the two beaches were quite boring. Like OK, it is the Yellow Sea and everything but really, 2 beaches to see. The sand is pretty similar in both. The second beach had this small castle like building a bit further so I walked there and paid the entrance fee to enter. The castle had a bunch of pictures with Chinese writing on them so I didn´t gain much intellectuallybut the view from the sightseeing balconies was really nice. I also managed to take a picture with one of the statues there.

Tsingtao brewery was something else. It was the first time for me to go in to a brewery and it was very interesting. They also offered free beer which was nice. It did feel super weird to have a glass of beer in the morning before 10 am. I also bought some blueberry beer from the beer street. The blueberry beer was delightful, slightly sweet with a lot of berry taste to it. I got it in an empty water bottle and the beer played tricks on the bottle, every time I opened it, it went BANG with all the air pressure!

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