Where do I live


So I chose the option to live in the dormitory in the campus area. Besides being costs effective it its also very convenient to live near the classrooms. The prices are from about 50 to 90 RMB a night. The outside school apartments have monthly rate going up from 4800 RMB plus the electricity and water costs. Double rooms are cheaper and the single ones more expensive. There are 3 different dormitories for international students. Some of them have been renovated recently and some look very worn and have shabby rooms. I have a shabby room but it is better than the previous one I was in.

And what I mean by shabby is that the walls are partially discoloured, mold in the bathroom (unavoidable in SH I think), dirty window frames, floor mats little bit broke.

BUT all the rooms have a tv, running hot water, closet space, AC, fridge, desk, chair and a private bathroom + shower. So after all it is much better than what the local students have in the normal dormitories!

So in the beginning I had a roommate, this teenager from Germany. I was enduring living with her, it was hard to sleep well etc. when the other person keeps strange hours and leaves smelly thrash to sit around for days, rotting food in the fridge, and shows no interest in sweeping the floor. She also had the habit of turning the fridge off for the night and not turning it on in the morning, making my pineapple and other foods go bad. All that I could have grudgingly lived with.

The last straw that broke the figurative camel´s back is the fact that I bought a dry shampoo from Finland and while in China used it o n l y twice and when I was about to use it for the third time it was empty. It should have been impossible because one bottle of that lasts me about 3 months in frequent use. There is no other explanation that the person I lived with had abused my trust and used it up without permission. Ok, now you must think that heeyyy it´s only a shampoo, right? But the thing is that if I live with someone I have to have absolute trust in them, if I can not trust the person living with me with small things, how could any trust be given for bigger issues? Just my way of thinking.

This is me, happily resting in my own room

I did confront her before I got another room and her first reaction was wide eyes and visible swallowing before denying it and accusing me of using her make up. And by the way I did hear her spraying a lot of something in the mornings but silly me thought it was deodorant as we all know how insecure teenagers can be. I feel sad about the situation because she was a sweet girl in the beginning. I did take the coward´s way out of the situation when I got the new room, I send her a text message saying I´m moving out and take care. She send me a nasty message as a reply and if that is how she really felt, I´m glad to be out.


All the floors in the dorm have a washing machine and cooking area and the hot/cold drinking water dispensers. The machines work with coins, 4RMB/run, the cooking plates are induction stove type so be aware of that when buying cooking equipment.

A bunch of pictures next, I couldn´t find pictures of the double room.

This is approximate layout of the double room. You can see my mad skillz at using paint

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