Feelings about being back home

I´ve been back for about four weeks now. First old new impressions about Jyväskylä have not been that favorable. It rained a week straight after my arrival and the overall temperature was about +14 celcius. It felt like winter.
Life is about back to normal, got most of my belongings back in my home and I picked up the cat and been working for most of the time. It was easy for me to be abroad for approximately 4 months because I got a very good “adoptive home” for my cat for that time and I knew that the little hare-brain is in good care.
I rented out my apartment for the duration of my studies abroad. It went fairly smooth, I got the rent on time every month, just the cleanliness level was slightly different from what I expected when I got back. I suppose that I should have put a clause about it on the rent agreement about how I expected the apartment to be when I get back but overall everything was fine.
What I gained academically from Donghua? -Knowledge about the Chinese business functions and history of the of Chinese economy growth, more insight to e-commerce and new views about it. Basic Chinese language skills (which I hope to upkeep in the future).
I think that maybe from purely academic view I did not gain that much from studying in China. I did gain a good experience though! The school system is quite different there, it mostly focuses on learning things by heart and reciting them. The business practices in China course was more case-oriented as was the e-commerce and execution of both courses was overall good but still left something to desire.
If you are planning to apply to Donghua and want to know more about living in Shanghai or some random things about there in general feel free to contact me on WeChat. WeChat is something you can not avoid when going to China, everyone uses it there so you might install it already. My WeChat ID is Tepuliini.


All the paperwork from the University arrived quite timely by the way, I didn´t really have to wait long for it. Now the only thing left to do is to get my study credit accepted in to my home Uni´s system.