I am a student in JAMK  Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences studying for BBA. 3rd year student. 20151121_145630

I´ve always liked travelling and a long time ago in Vocational Institute where I was studying I entered the classroom just in time to here the question ” Are there any volunteers to go? ” And I said YES! -without knowing what it was about. That´s how I went to Moscow for 2 weeks 😀 I´ve always been a wandering spirit in the way that if there is an option to travel, you only need to tell me about the possibility and I´m willing.

2014 I had the option to go to summer school in China, Antai Global College / Jiao Tong University and that was my first touch with Shanghai. I enjoyed my time there and now that I had the chance to apply to Donghua University I went for it.

I like long walks if there is a chance to get coffee and I like to chill out reading the labels of different products in supermarkets abroad. The focus of my studies is divided between sales, marketing and finance. I have personal interest in the legal aspect of how things work in business and in what makes people tick – why people make the choices they do and how to influence it.