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Nursing student final clinical training in Peking Union Medical College Hospital, BeiJing China.

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Hello, welcome to my blog! My name is You Chen (YuYu), SNP12 nursing student at JAMK university of applied sciences. I am writing this blog in order to share my final clinical training experiences at Peking Union Medical College Hospital. It is a well-known hospital in China located in the center of the capital city of BeiJing. It will be very interesting experience for me to go back to my own country as an exchange student. I am very excited and look forward to it.

Finishing exchange (practical training) in BeiJing

Overall my experiences in Peking Union Medical College Hospital was wonderful! My goals and objectives were to experience and learn professional communication with patients, colleges and physicians, as well as improving my clinical skills.  After ten weeks of clinical training here in Beijing, I believe that I have reached my learning goals and objectives. My recommendations: If […]

Operating theater in PUMCH

Operating theaters in PUMCH is huge. There is one surgical building which consists of three floors as operating theaters. Forty-eight operating rooms are included in the surgical building, in which eight operating rooms are for emergency operations. Eighteen operating rooms are in the internal medicine department. There are approximately 160 to 240 operations done here […]

Finished one month clinical training in the intensive care unit

Four weeks of clinical training in the intensive care unit was completed! My feelings to the nurses’ job there was “intensive”. I decided to have one nurse as my supervisor because it was easier to follow one person for the whole period and the trust relationship would built within time. Thus l could learn more and […]

Enjoyed the real local Chinese hotpot with Finnish classmates

Things that foreigners find annoying when visiting China. The most annoying thing that foreigners dislike about china is the squatting toilets. Chinese do not like seating toilets because they think it is NOT hygienic, thus there are not so many seating toilets available, and even if there are seating toilets available, some Chinese people would prefer […]

Different Working Uniforms from PUMCH

Here are some pictures of nursing uniforms from different department of PUMCH. Nursing uniform from Resuscitation Room.  Nursing uniform with little hat from a normal ward. Nursing uniform from surgical ICU department.                                              PUMCH has […]

Weather and Fun in April

It is warm, sunny and beautiful in BeiJing at this moment. However, it is crowded, too crowded! The human jam is everywhere and it is driving me nuts! Here are some pictures from daily fun inBeijing. Human Jam in BeiJing! Food In Beijing.    Crazy snacks in BeiJing. WangFuJing street! Alcohol in the grocery store. […]

Intensive Care Unit, Day 1

Intensive care unit in Peking Union Medical College Hospital is divided into internal medicine ICU and surgical ICU. In addition, Surgical ICU consists of ward one, two and three. I will be continuing my clinical training at surgical ward two for the following four weeks. Surgical ICU ward two consists of 18 patients’ beds, it is […]

First Two Weeks in the Emergency Department

Time flies, two weeks practice in the emergency department has gone. As l have explained in the previous post, there are six wards at the emergency department, and l have been to all of the units for at least one day. Eventually l decided to stay at the resuscitation unit for the next two and […]

Know more about BeiJing, China

When you are doing your clinical training in BeiJing, please don’t forget to have FUN, ENJOY the authentic Chinese food(HOT POT, PEKING DUCK), and explore Chinese culture. BeiJing is one of the four ancient cities of China, which was established over 3000 years ago. BeiJing is one of the unique city with population of 21 […]

Orientation Day and First Day at the Emergency Department

Orientation Day My first day was mainly focused on orientation, introduction, figure out timetable, welcome dinner and how to get around in the hospital. PUMCH is big, NO, actually it is HUGE. The total construction area is approximately 530,000 square meters. The tutors and teachers are amazingly thoughtful, they come to take me from my apartment […]