YuYu 2015 China

Nursing student final clinical training in Peking Union Medical College Hospital, BeiJing China.

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Finishing exchange (practical training) in BeiJing

Overall my experiences in Peking Union Medical College Hospital was wonderful! My goals and objectives were to experience and learn professional communication with patients, colleges and physicians, as well as improving my clinical skills.  After ten weeks of clinical training here in Beijing, I believe that I have reached my learning goals and objectives.

My recommendations:

If you are interested in performing your clinical training in Beijing; for non-Chinese speaking students I suggest you come during your first or second year of studying. The large amount of patients that you will be exposed to daily in the Chinese hospital will give you the opportunity to see and experience more and different types of medical conditions. In addition, the cultural differences between countries and especially in regards to Chinese family values give you more insight of the importance of professional communication and family nursing.  l especially recommend that Chinese speaking students perform their final clinical training in China during your last studying year. Having previous clinical skills and being able to understand the language helps you to have a general picture of being a nurse and will help you succeed in the Chinese hospital.


I strongly recommend this hospital to all of you if you are interested in seeing something different and the opportunity to see many patients in a short amount of time. However, your expectations and communication with your coordinator is essential for you to reach your objectives and goals. You need to communicate with your coordinator and tell them that you would like to follow one mentor and doing things when you can.

It was a valuable experience for me and I enjoyed it very much. Comparing Chinese nursing job and responsibility’s with other countries will help me in the future be more grateful and cherish my job in a western country.